A Look Inside Corby Glen: The Woodhouse Arms

A Centuries-old Sheep Fair lures me to Corby Glen…

Credit: VisitLincolnshire.com

When I hear about Corby Glen from a hiking friend it’s not spun in the most positive light.

“You know The Angel of Death was born there, right?”

This sparks an interesting discussion which begins with a recap of the crimes of Beverley Allitt. I’m informed that she spent her formative years in this small village, before moving off to begin her murderous career as a nurse; somehow this conversation ends with my friend fervently recommending a visit to Corby Glen and stopping by at the local pub for a meal, which I’m told is excellent.

Now – serial killers don’t really interest me that much, so I had to weigh up whether it was really worth making the trip over just for the sake of a (potentially) tasty pub meal and satisfy my dwindling morbid curiosity. A quick Google search revealed a much more interesting (and less grim) reason to visit: an annual Sheep Fair, held in October and rumoured to be the longest-running of it’s kind in the UK. Within moments I was looking up directions and reserving a room at the pub. I met a local guide through Trip Advisor and was soon on my way to Corby Glen the home of iconic serial killers and centuries-old agricultural markets…

Credit: TripAdvisor.com

Despite the fact that there only around 1000 people living in Corby Glen, it’s surprising how many amenities the village supports. I mention this to the landlord who greets me at the door upon my arrival at The Woodhouse Arms. He tells me that with the nearest major settlement being around 10 miles away, there’s plenty of demand within the village for the few services that are on offer – his own pub being one of them.

It’s bright and airy inside the pub, which initially comes as a surprise. The windows are rather small at the front you see, with only one large bay window offering much opportunity for light to creep it’s way in.

The restaurant, situated at the back of the building, is another story altogether. Some tasteful modern renovations have been made to the traditional building, letting huge swathes of sunlight sweep in and bathing the packed dining room with a golden glow.

When I arrive, work is going on in the pub and the landlord shakes me by the hand, insisting on taking by bags to the room.

“We’re having an industrial extractor fan installed – probably the only industrial thing for miles around – unless you count Jim’s chicken farm up the way!”

For £85 per night my room looks spacious and comfortable. I’m reminded that breakfast is included in the cost and the deal looks even better.

As I walk back down to the main pub, the smells and sounds of a popular lunch service drift through the nicely decorated interiors. The tables are packed out and the food smells (and looks) great. My belly growled but I knew that I needed to explore the rest of the village before sitting down for a mammoth meal. I’ve got a date with a local who wants to give me a look into what it’s like to live in a place like Corby Glen…

This Look Inside is continued in the next post…